Why Join Extension Homemakers?

A homemakers club is a great place to meet with friends, socialize and learn new ways to simplify your life. You can share your skills & interest while learning and staying up to date on the latest information from UK.

IT ISN’T ALWAYS EASY TO MEET NEW PEOPLE AS AN ADULT. WE MAY MAKE SOME FRIENDS at work or church, but as we age, it seems like our opportunities to create social circles dwindle. Before we know it, we’re planted in front of our televisions each night, scrolling through endless streaming options.

     Denise Wooley has a solution for people stuck in social deserts.


2019 Homemaker Brochure

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McCracken County Homemakers has:

  • 9 monthly clubs that meet all over the county
  • 6 daytime clubs and 3 nighttime clubs
  • Email/mailbox memberships if joining a club isn't for you
  • 8 Specialty clubs

Specialty Clubs

Arts & Crafts     2nd Friday of each  month
Bags of Love     3rd Tuesday of each month

Crochet     3rd Thursday of each month

Game Club for Adults    Every Wednesday of each month

Garden     4th Monday of each month

Knitting     1st & 3rd Mondays of each month

Needlework  3rd Wednesday of each month

Quilting      2nd Monday to work on Crime Stoppers Quilt

Beginning Quilting     4th Monday to learn quilting


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