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How do I become a Master Gardener?
Complete a 12 sessions training course, in core subjects, taught by the horticulture agent and other specialists.  Pass a background check and exam.  Pay the required fee for the class.
In return for that training you must complete 40 hours of volunteer time within one year of course completion.  After the first year, volunteers are required to contribute 30 core volunteer hours per year.
Master Gardeners are a nationwide group of trained volunteers who work with the staff at their local Extension Service to provide consumers with reliable, up-to-date research based information about gardens and landscapes.
If you are interested in learning how to prune, fertilize, how to control pests, what, where and when to plant anything from the garden, you will benefit from the Master Gardener Program.
2025 New Holt Road, Paducah, Kentucky
The McCracken County Extension Master Gardeners, participate in UK plant trials, which provides valuable data in evaluating the performance of new plant introductions in the Purchase Area.
Toolbox Garden Events
Plant Sale
Herb Appeal
Trial Garden
McCracken County Fair
Ag Day
Farmers Market